Driving Commercial Auto Forward
"I have been working with KBK for over 30 years — their underwriting, filing and accounting teams are by far the most efficient in the industry."
- Mark Wintersole, M&G Insurance
Commercial Towing

Success Stories

KBK is continually bringing on new accounts across the commercial automotive, towing and garage industry. Agents repeatedly turn to us to meet their clients’ unique needs and help grow their book of business.

We’re proud to share that we recently bound:


Towing Operation in California

  • $173K in premium
  • 15 towing units
  • Previously with Travelers


Salvage Operation in Kansas

  • $29K in premium
  • 3 scheduled vehicles
  • Previously with Burlington


Towing Operation in Pennsylvania

  • $36K in premium
  • 6 towing units
  • Previously with Accident Fund


Used Car Dealer in Mississippi

  • $18K in premium
  • 3 locations
  • Previously with Acceptance
Towing Operation in Colorado

  • $57K in premium
  • 6 towing units
  • Previously with Progressive


Auto Repair & Body Shop in Tennessee

  • $32K in premium
  • 2 locations
  • Previously with Zurich


Towing Operation in Washington

  • $76K in premium
  • 11 towing units
  • Previously with Progressive


Towing Operation in Illinois

  • $54K in premium
  • 16 towing units
  • Previously with Auto Owners


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